December 6, 2007

How to Get Your Wife Interested In Astronomy!

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Ever feel like your wife just really could care less about the strength of a magnetic field in a magnetar, the path of a planemo, or the latest discovery of a nova in the constellation Puppis?

Well fear not, because there's one astronomical discovery she will be interested in. The star formerly known as BPM 37093, located in the constellation Centaurus, is actually a large, crystallized carbon mass nearly 2,500 miles in diameter. Don't let the big words fool you: this crystallized carbon is basically a gigantic diamond!

A diamond this large is literally 10 billion-trillion-trillion carats; the number is so incredibly huge it would be followed by 34 zeroes.

The carbon core of white dwarf stars often crystallize into diamonds. This is the largest diamond yet located in the galaxy.

That should get some wives interested...

Adapted from: Daily Galaxy