December 1, 2007

Exciting New Fusion Technology

Currently still in its R&D phase is Bussard inertial electrostatic (IEC) fusion. This exciting form of fusion can be used to power spaceships with amazingly cheap costs and extremely short travel times. Travel times with this type of fusion include:
  • Travel to Titan would take 75-90 days.

  • 24 hours to lunar orbit from low earth orbit.

  • Travel to Mars would take 33-38 days.

Amazingly, these almost ridiculous travel times are accompanied by what the general public likes: an equally ridiculous low cost. Cost can be as low as these figures:

  • $200 million of research, development, building, and testing.

  • 2 8-gigawatt thermal fusion engines are nearly 100x less expensive than our best systems available today.

Check out a the Advanced Nanotechnology Blog for more in detail information. Definitely a must for any aspiring space junkie!

I was referred to this site by the always awesome Bad Astronomy Blog.