October 24, 2007

New, More Organized Format...

Okay, here's the deal: I want my posting to be more organized than it is right now. I want to have three days a week where readers will get an article. The following is the format I have decided on:

Mondays - Weekly Deep Space Object (Nebula, Supernova Remnant, Quasar, Pulsar, Galaxy, etc.)

Wednesdays - Weekly Solar System Object (Planets, asteroids, moons, solar flares, etc.)

Fridays - Astrophotography article.

I am leaning more towards astrophotography, because that is by far what gets the most traffic, the most comments, and the most links. I'm by far an expert on the subject, but I definitely

In addition to this new format, always keep on the lookout for articles that may be published as significant findings and new news in released but just remember, these three days there will be a new informational article.