November 3, 2007

Constellation Hunter

I'm going to be starting a new project on this blog. I'm going to be going for the Constellation Hunter certificate through the Astronomical League. The rules for this award are that you:

  • List date and time.
  • List latitude and longitude of observation.
  • List constellation name.
  • List sky conditions and/or transparency
  • A sketch of all stars that were visible to the unaided eye, out to the limits of the constellation's boundary. Named stars should be identified on the sketch.
  • The sketch should include other objects that are visible within the boundaries of the constellation, including but not limited to: galaxies, open clusters, globular clusters, and nebulas.

I'll be photo-logging all my constellations in the Northern Hemipshere. It might not be up right away, but I'll have a links box to all constellations I have located and cataloged.