September 15, 2007

Googling the Moon?

Google is sponsoring a $30 million dollar Lunar X prize.

"The Google Lunar X Prize will allow every schoolchild, teacher and person on
the planet to participate in going back to the Moon in a way that government
exploration never could," said Bretton Alexander, executive director of space
prizes for the X Prize Foundation in Washington.

Alexander said the competition "harnesses the power and culture of the Internet to allow each of us to watch the development of the teams, send images and videos of ourselves to the lunar surface, and experience being on the Moon with the rovers."

Wow, now that puts the Ansari X prize to shame. Now that suborbit has been done, it looks like we are turning our sites to the moon. I love how Alexander says that we are harnessing the power of the Internet; finally, we're using it for something other than dirty movies and World of Warcraft!

Looks like we're finally starting to take getting out of the atmosphere seriously. It's about time.